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Theo Youngstein 

Transformational Life Coach

I help people find more joy, freedom, and flow in their lives by supporting value inspired action.

My Approach

Coaching, Career Transitions, Life Transitions & Personal Growth.

I specialise in coaching people through career and life transitions, as well as supporting personal growth and employee development within small businesses. My approach is focused on creating a safe and supportive listening environment where we can explore your values, passions, and challenges. I am committed to helping our clients find more joy, freedom, and flow in their lives.

My sessions are online using zoom. I offer one-off or regular sessions, committed longer term packages and affordable small business subscriptions for employee support. 

I have been a successful location manager and producer for advertising and film for more than 20 years and take that experience into a coaching practice focussed on supporting people's journeys towards greater self awareness. I understand the particular challenges of a freelance career and continue to work in advertising production in addition to my coaching work. 

I am also a passionate advocate for men's work and men's groups and run a fortnightly in-person group in South London. 


About Me.

I enjoy the process of self discovery, looking under the hood to see what we share and what makes us unique. I have long had an interest in people and have a degree in anthropology from Cambridge University and a masters in visual anthropology from Manchester University, and have spent more than 20 years as a location manager and producer in advertising and film. 

I have been a member of a men's group for 13 years and run my own in-person men's group in south London.

I am a graduate of the ICF accredited Animas Centre for Coaching and of the Centre for Gender Psychology Men's Group Facilitation course. 


J Darby - Film maker

Theo is an incredibly warm and supportive coach who is able to reflect not only where the client's enthusiasms and passions lie, but also, the places where self doubt has crept in. I have found Theos elegant solutions for managing doubt changed my whole energetic field and I have been able to get unstuck and complete work with a spring in my step. 

Theo also helped me to embrace the fear of failure and work with it as a positive learning tool. I would recommend Theo to anyone in need of focussed attention yielding fantastically valuable outcomes.

T Mehra - Coach

When I contacted Theo, I had a lot of questions about my personal and professional life. It was an extremely powerful session, and Theo was able to pick up on so many things despite the limited time we had. It was fascinating to see how all of my concerns were linked to a single belief and aspect of my life. I wasn't expecting things to turn out the way they did. Theo provided a safe space for me to express myself and come to terms with my beliefs. Because of the acceptance that occurred during the session, my resentment had decreased and I began communicating from a place of love and care. I am grateful to Theo and his coaching style for assisting me in achieving emotional clarity

Paul Lynch - Consultant

As a professional consultant, I am used to discussing and dealing with other peoples' issues rather than my own and I was apprehensive about my first life-coaching session. I found Theo very easy to talk with however and I felt a genuine connection, concern and trust come through. I was looking for someone with different insights to me and in the relatively short time we had together I came away with some clear action points and exercises to focus on. 

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London, UK

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